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God will establish YOU and promote YOU

In the book of Jeremiah, God gives declarative statements to YOU regarding your life. Those declarative statements regard plans, welfare, a future, and hope. Dissecting the verse, YOU can clearly see how God is working in YOUR life. Plans are … Continue reading

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light, love, liberty, true happiness

The Prince of Peace, Jesus…YOUR guiding LIGHT to LOVE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of REAL HAPPINESS! However, The prince of this WORLD leads YOU to chaos, confusion, catastrophe, and condemnation! YOUR choice!!??

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our possession and peace

Be cautious about what YOU take possession of today…Keep YOUR focus on your positioning in life. Overcome YOUR roblems with OBEDIENCE to the Prince of LIFE. Don’t be a courior of chaos and confusion, rather, promote PEACE.

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There’s a voice in YOUR head, a voice in YOUR heart. Listen to REASON, listen to SANITY! YOU can trust the STILL SMALL VOICE WITHIN…Let it lead YOU, GUIDE YOU, and satisfy YOU! Remember, TRUTH is ALWAYS TRANSFERRABLE! Wishing all … Continue reading

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The transferrable truth

It is time for some clarification. Some things need addressing. I’ve observed and listened, now its time to set the record straight. I am encouraging you to steer clear of the psychobabble speaking, self-centered, money hungry SPEAKERS. They absolutely do … Continue reading

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