No person is truly free unless they be a slave to God, His Kingdom rules and righteousness.

Laws are societal boundary lines.

Governments create laws, therefore we are to submit to the law, so we aren’t truly free to do as we please.

These newly formed racist groups, with their agendas are proposing new rules for society to abide by, and if so adopted, society would be forced to abide by their rules, thereby mandating submission to their demands.

We are living in a lawless society where groups are upsetting entire households. It’s a sad day when the rebellious renegades rule those who submit to laws and governing bodies.

Many legislative members in office today have become slaves to the lawless, power, and greed.

The true church (the body of Christ) have the wrong mindset when they sheepishly allow the rebellious to lead them to slaughter, with their form of godliness but no power.

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