Are YOU a burden or a blessing?

Are YOU a BURDEN or a BLESSING? to others? with WHAT you share with others? In God’s covenant HE has promised to YOU, LIFE and WELL-BEING. God wants YOUR reverence. God demands YOUR respect. HE has always loved YOU. HE desires YOUR honor. HE is YOUR father. Many of YOU treat your bosses, your friends better than YOU treat YOUR Heavenly Father, YOUR Creator. Honor HIM by what YOU DO!

Live in harmony with God and DO what is right. Help others stop DOING acts of evil. IT is the DUTY of ministers, preachers, and teachers of scripture to TEACH the TRUE knowledge of God. It is by them that YOU learn God’s WILL. Many of them have turned AWAY from the right path and their teachings are leading others astray.

STOP burdening The Lord. Will you quit robbing HIM? You burden HIM with YOUR words, for they are selfish, vain, and for YOUR own pleasures. You rob HIM by not tithing. Many ministers NOW proclaim that tithing was an Old Testament law and does NOT apply to this modern day we are living. They are wrong and they do NOT teach the TRUE knowledge of God.

God still MOVES by FAITH, Words, and ACTIONS. God and HIS word has NEVER changed, nor will HE change. HE is the same TODAY as HE was when HIS Spirit was hovering over the face of the deep.

God is a REACTIONARY God. HIS Word states “Turn back to HIM and HE will turn to YOU. Draw NEAR to HIM and HE will draw near to YOU.”

May HIS saving POWER rise on YOU like the sun. May YU receive HEALING. May YOU be free, happy, and OVERCOME the wicked.

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