Call to HIM and HE will answer!

Most everyone longs for security and seeks refuge. Security is a state of being FREE from danger or threat; the state of feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety.

Wars, rumors of wars, the economic hardships people face today generally leave people in a state of panic. People fear tyranny, poverty, and death. The enemy, the adversary, Ah Satan, is busy wreaking havoc in lives, even the lives of believers.

God’s WORD is a declarative PROMISE and TRUTH that HE will bring to YOU; health and healing and HE will REVEAL to YOU abundance of prosperity and security; peace and truth.

Be drawn from the pit of destruction. The Lord will set YOUR feet on a rock, making YOUR steps SECURE. God is THE SOURCE of help, relief, and comfort in times of trouble. CALL to HIM and HE will answer!

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