Compassion, The Present, and a new life!

The older I get the more compassion I have, yet, the more hurt I see, the more compassion I feel! Life can seem to really “dig in” you, from time to time. Most of the chaotic mess YOU endure is SELF-inflicted. YOU control YOU! You also control YOUR environment. Stop the self-infused belief that others are INFERIOR to YOU. Stop the drama filled living. Live simply and love much! Here’s a quote to share with you depressive worriers: “For those who are depressed, you are living in the past; For those of you who worry, you are living in the future; For those who are at peace, are living in the present”-Lao Tzu

Speaking of the quote from the 6th century Chinese philosopher, Wasn’t it Jesus who stated, “Do not be anxious about tomorrow?” Oh, and didn’t he die to take away YOUR past? Absolutely, HE did! In fact, YOU are a NEW CREATION, old things are past away! Remember-Whatever you did yesterday is gone, nothing blemishes YOU today!

May The Lord bless you and your towns. May The Lord bless your home. May The Lord defeat your enemies. May The Lord bless your work. May The Lord establish you, increase you, and bless you with HIS abundant resources.

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