Everything counts!

As the end of the Missouri Tigers v. The UGA Bulldog game swiftly approached, I began thinking about all the injuries; the fumbles, the turnovers, the failure of scoring and scoring quick, the moments where the plays were so close but not close enough…I was reminded of LIFE. In Life, EVERYTHING counts; every word spoken, every step taken, every bond broken, every engagement, every behavior, every thought processes, every action, every reaction, every relationship entered, every relationship severed, treatment of others…everything counts. In life, mistakes will be made but its important to make them few, make them young, and make them learning tools. Mistakes are simply mis-takes or mishaps…a vast difference from intentional and willful wrong-doing. May YOU always be guided by truth, keenly decisive, and considerate of your future and others. It’s a NEW day, a New YOU with fresh opportunities. Always make your moments, “First and Ten” moments with YOUR focus on the GOAL line. It’s YOUR life, score often and score BIG! Wishing everyone a day of opportunities, forgiveness, blessings, and peace.

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