FAITH: What is it and How does it work?

Faith is; Stuff and things HOPED for…To be seen, in reality. In other words, HOW do you hold in your hands what you hold in your mind? How does a carpenter build a house? How to take a thought in the mind, put it into plans, materialize in reality? Desire manifestation works because of belief and words. The two must coexist and work together or there is the manifestation of nothing. The idea is formed inwardly in the imagination and then revealed or materialized outwardly in reality.

Words have creative power. Call those things that do not exist as though they do. In other words, Command your Supply!

The acronym I use is F.A.T.E. You must have the working knowledge to deliberately create the life you passionately desire. F.A.T.E. is Focus, Affirmation, Thought, and Expectation with Excitement. There must be joyous feelings attached to your dreams and desires, otherwise it becomes a random thought that is like a vapor. Where there is no VISION, people perish.

The things you desire are as easily manifested as speaking the term, ABRACADABRA. Abracadabra is a Hebrew word which means “I create THAT which I Speak.”

Your words (SPOKEN & WRITTEN) have great creative power. This is why it is a must to write your goals on paper. They become your to-do list. Next comes the defining process and the process of meeting the requirements to fulfill them. Then they manifest.

When you acquire this knowledge, life becomes fun, exciting, and rewarding.

Dreams DO come TRUE!


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