God’s COMMANDMENTS are not empty words but YOUR very LIFE!!

I certainly don’t mean to sound redundant in any way but the point needs to be made! You are EXPECTED to LIVE by a set of guidelines which were established for YOUR BENEFIT! I cannot STRESS it enough that YOUR obedience and faithfulness to HIM will make you FREE and HE will grant every DESIRE that is in YOUR heart…SEEK, FIRST, HIS Kingdom…Repeat the COMMANDMENTS to your children so that they may FAITHFULLY obey God’s teachings. They are not empty words but YOUR very LIFE! Stop being rebellious and give HONOR to The One who created YOU for a specific purpose. YOU were made in HIS image, to carry HIS good looks. YOU are covered in HIS fingerprints! Wow! Stay in Divine Mind and nothing will be impossible for YOU! May you increase this day and each day after with ABUNDANCE of LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, & FAVOR!

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