Live with purpose and passion!

Satan wants to manipulate YOU then exploit YOU. He is within YOUR realm, mostly invited by YOUR thought processes or CONDUCT to create a commotion in YOUR life. I want YOU to know that YOU are life is a progressive accomplishment.

Listen! Time is a CONTINUATION of existence but IT is LIMITED. YOU must INVEST in TIME. How do YOU use YOUR time? Maneuver YOUR way out of Satan’s manipulation. Guard YOUR thought processes, YOUR Speech, and YOUR behavior.

Wha ACTION will YOU perform Today that will bring God HONOR? YOUR words, YOUR motives, YOUR life…Remember, YOU are NOT your own. What force compels YOU? M

May YOU transfer TRUTH, Today! Exchange the enemy’s guilt for God’s GRACE! You are a beautiful and marvelous creation. Walk in light. His WORD is truth and YOU can bank on HIS promises. Live life with Purpose and passion!

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