Take control and make change!

Do YOU rule where YOU dwell? YOUR kingdom can STAND or give way. Positioning or place may be lost or conquered. Is YOUR dwelling a SAFE place of domestic comfort?

A HOUSE or KINGDOM must have UNITY in order to STAND. A divided HOUSE or KINGDOM will be eventually disunited or cut off.

There are times when YOU must be alienated from certain people who have taken on offensive or wicked characteristics. A right spirit, when confronted by a depraved or corrupt spirit, will estrange itself from it and its surroundings.

YOU must NOT give safety or shelter to a depraved spirit. When YOU harbor or lodge this type spirit, YOU are making trouble for YOURSELF. Don’t enable people to remain in a comfortable setting if IMPROVEMENT is necessary.

YOU have the choice to become impoverished or empowered! Muster up the courage and strength to position those who engage in destructive habits and mindsets to “grab the bull by the horn” and change their negative situation.

Vision, motivation, goal-setting, ambition, drive, action plans, and organization lead to success. Prioritize, grow-up, learn a skill, and work hard and success will find YOU! Take control and make change

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