Going Forward

How many times have you made the first step to move forward on a project, only to procrastinate for selfish reasons or to be side-tracked by some more pleasurable experience? This happens with many, more often than not. It is too easy to become distracted by pleasure from work. There is now too much “Flash” in the world distracting us from our intended purpose.

The scriptures warn us about us about the abandonment of faith. The author of the book of Hebrews admonishes us about the time which has passed because we are still focused on the foundation of faith…in other words, we are “stuck in a rut” but we should be moving forward. It makes the contrasting difference of a child who has milk and the adult which eats solid meat. It says instead of “eating solid food you still have to drink milk.”

The bible encourages us to “go forward” to mature teaching and leave behind the first lessons of the Christian message. Today, too many people play a back-and-forth lob of “do good, do wrong”. The Word explains not to lay again the foundation of turning away from USELESS works and BELIEVING in God. How is it you can “WALK” in God’s light, “Taste” of heaven’s gift, and “receive” your share of the Holy Spirit, and “feel” the POWER yet abandon your faith?

The world, with its illustrious shine appears to have much to offer, however, EVERYTHING is has to offer is a dead end. Be encouraged; Life is perplexing and mysterious. You were NEVER intended to Go it alone. So, move forward with God, IN Christ Jesus. Grow up and Go forward!

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