Break down or break through

YOU can BREAK DOWN or Break THROUGH. YOUR breakthrough will arrive when YOU love God more than your own desires. King David declared that “The Lord has broken through my enemies like a flood.”

David consulted The Lord…The Lord ANSWERED!

David did as The Lord COMMANDED and RECEIVED his breakthrough!

Have YOU inquired of God? Are YOU waiting on YOUR breakthrough? Don’t wait. Go to WORK, doing as HE commands and YOU will receive from God. He will answer and break through YOUR enemies like a flood!

The Lord has examined YOU and knows YOU. He knows everything YOU do. He understands all your thoughts. He sees YOU working and resting. He knows all your actions. Before you speak, he knows what you will say. He protects YOU with HIS power. HIS knowledge of YOU is too deep. YOU cannot escape HIS presence. HE created every part of YOU. HE is to be feared. May The Lord GUIDE you, LEAD you, and UPLIFT you!

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