Wisdom and understanding

Where is the source of wisdom? Where can you learn to understand? God alone knows the place where wisdom is found, because HE sees the ends of the earth. When God gave the wind its power, determined the size of the sea; When God decided where the rain would fall, and the path that the thunderclouds travel; It was then HE saw wisdom and tested its worth…He gave it HIS approval. God is saying to YOU; To be wise, YOU must have reverence for The Lord. To understand, YOU must turn from evil.

YOU have a brain. Don’t waste it. WORK it and get the best use of it. Steer clear of trouble and leave rubbish things alone. Stay away from dramatic and negative people. Don’t listen to nay sayers. YOU can accomplish your dream by simply staying focused and believing your desire will come to fruition.

Wishing you a day of opportunity and prosperity!

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