Determination will birth desire!

Your DETERMINATION will BIRTH your DESIRE! Your AMBITION will attract YOUR SUCCESS! Let your PASSION be your purpose and reason be your guide. Much confusion, chaos, and animosity are on the rise because of the recent government shutdown, the dread of the “not so affordable healthcare law”, and the wrongful will of the people. Do not allow YOURSELF to worry and fret over worldly issues. YOU have a Savior who has OVERCOME the world. Don’t put YOUR faith in the wisdom of men but in the ALL MIGHTY POWER of God. Align your will and YOU will find YOUR way.

God has not given YOU a spirit of fear or intimidation. Pray, believe, and trust that God is in ultimate CONTROL. The more YOU attune to the negativity, gloom, doom, and despair the more anxious YOU will feel. God’s PLAN will come to PASS. Change YOU! Educate and encourage others. There appears to be no sanity in our system of government. Remember, be careful what YOU wish, YOU just may receive it. Do NOT worry over Washington or wars; TRUST God and LIVE free! May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob rescue this Nation from the hands of its enemies foreign and domestic enemies. May the God of all peace comfort YOU with HIS peace. May HIS face shine on YOU!

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