The experience of an abundant portion!

If YOU meet God, YOU will RECEIVE from HIM an abundant portion. To meet HIM is to experience HIM. Conform to HIS views, HIS expectations. YOUR world, YOUR realm, YOUR experience will NEVER be the same!

He has great PLANS for YOUR life. In HIM, is all HOPE, a FUTURE (secure), and an EXPECTED end! There is NO greater DESIRE on this side of Heaven than to desire THE one who LOVES, PROVIDES, PROTECTS, COMFORTS, SHELTERS, and NURTURES your Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual state. YOU can seek from east to west and NEVER find such a satiating, all-consuming LOVE as the ONE God gives.

Put yourself aside, cast YOUR cares on HIM, and RELEASE the guilt, conviction, pain, and torment that YOU’VE been carrying for so long. Take God’s WORD at face-value, not man’s interpretation of it. The choice is YOURS. He’s offering YOU the chance. Will YOU accept it?

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