Expectation delivers!

What do YOU desire? Are you lacking? Are YOUR requests unanswered? Do you remember when YOU petitioned your father for things YOU desired? When YOU want things YOU must go to Daddy more than once. Persistence is rewarding. God will answer your request. HE is the God of ABUNDANCE! Believe YOU have that which YOU want. Call those things that be not as though they were! YOU don’t have because YOU don’t ask, or YOU ask for the wrong things, asking in the wrong manner. Jesus said, “Ask and YOU shall receive. Seek and YOU shall find. Knock and the door will open!”

Believe it! Claim it! Receive it! God spoke and THINGS occurred. YOU are made in HIS IMAGE and LIKENESS. Your WORDS give LIFE or DEATH! FAITH brings things to FRUITION! FAITH makes things happen. Why wait? Why speak death? WHATEVER… is as YOU call it and name it!

May YOUR faith be increased. May YOU receive the abundance of blessings according to YOUR measure of faith. May YOUR area be enlarged. God is the God of making things happen. YOUR faith is the POWER and CURRENCY that delivers YOUR desires! Show God YOUR faith and HE will show YOU a delivery!

Ability and opportunity is knocking on your door. Activate YOUR faith to make it happen!

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