Three words

Three words people try to keep from their vocabulary and their performance; work, labor, and patience. However, three of the greatest ACTIONS require all three of the above; Faith, Love, and Hope.

Some work is not pleasant. Work is laborious. It is often times difficult, strenuous, and grueling. The task before YOU can seem daunting, taxing, and exhaustive.

It takes YOUR work of Faith, your Labor of Love, and your Patience of Hope in Jesus to live a successful and rewarding life. The Gospel comes to YOU in POWER, by the Holy Spirit, and with MUCH Assurance.

Wow! What a miraculous morning! This is the day The Lord has made. Rejoice! Be glad in it. All HIS promises are YOURS to claim.

You have made plans for YOURSELF. God has plans for YOUR life; plans of peace, hope, and prosperity! Work YOUR Faith, Labor in YOUR love, and endure with ALL Patience. The abundant life awaits. As always, wishing everyone a day of opportunity and ability!

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