The Lord has Spoken!

A nation that trusts in God will be a nation to REST in God! The Lord has promised that HE, HIMSELF, will be a wall of fire to protect this nation, and any nation that puts their FAITH in HIM. HE will live there in ALL HIS Glory! What is there NOT to trust in THE CREATOR? All HE wants is YOU!

YOU claim to worship The Lord but YOU do not mean what YOU say. The Lord is looking for faithfulness. You pay no attention and YOU refuse to learn. YOU are stubborn and will not turn from YOUR sins. YOU are poor and ignorant. YOU behave foolishly. YOU refuse to learn what The Lord requires and what HE expects YOU to do. YOU have rejected the Lord’s authority.

YOU refuse to obey HIM. YOUR sins are numerous and YOU have turned FROM HIM, time after time. YOU have abandoned HIM, worship gods that are not real, and set up worldly idols to worship. YOU are wild with desire and lust thirsty. YOU have eyes, but do not see. YOU have ears but do not hear. Why don’t YOU fear God? Why don’t YOU tremble before HIM? YOU are rebellious. YOUR sins keep good things from YOU.

Stop rejecting HIS teaching! Listen for HIS voice and obey it. Turn from YOUR ways and TURN to God! The time is at hand. The time of YOUR punishment is coming!

Stop listening to false prophets who fill YOU with false HOPES. They tell YOU what they have imagined and NOT what God has said. YOU refuse to LISTEN to what God is saying yet YOU continue to listen to these false prophets. Stop falling in love with this present world. YOU will see God’s glory IF YOU believe. Pay close attention…The Lord, God, has spoken!

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