Life, Love, and Liberty

A prioritized and well-organized life is God-established and makes for a happy life.

There are daily, divine benefits and blessings within your realm. Life is new each day. Heavenly manna is yours to partake of when you seek nourishment from His holy Word.

We are not designed to live on bread alone, but every word that comes from the mouth of God.

When your priorities are in order and you have the working knowledge of how to live a balanced life, peace flows within you and all around you, even if you are placed into a cage with hungry lions, they will not harm you.

We stay in a chaotic and confused mess when we try to fill the voids of the heart by seeking fulfillment from other broken people.

A broken person does not have the capacity to heal what is missing on the inside of you. It is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It won’t fit.

Look far back to the beginning; Creation came first, right relationship, and maintenance. The problem with relationships today is people desire them but fail to maintain them.

Couples happily create love then sadly aborts it. Boundaries must be established and respected, else it’s a set-up for disaster.

We were all wired for right relationship with our Creator and Sustainer of life and only then can we discover the love that was meant to be shared with the help mate that is suitable for each one of us.

We are instructed to seek God, His Kingdom and Righteousness, First then all other things will be added to your life.

Once you seek Him you will find Him. When you find Him, you will want to be intimate with Him. Right relationship with Him will create within you a desire for no more spiritual adultery.

Now you have the foundation of a happy life. You are now in position to manifest everything else you desire in your life.

What is next? Career goals? Good Health and well-being? Wealth creation? Devoted and committed love? Be cautious with this one because people will say they love you but will abuse that love behind your back or outside your presence. Haven’t we all done this to God? It’s called spiritual adultery!

Remember, once you are in right relationship with God and are obedient to Him, He will grant to you every desire of your heart!

This is how you discover peace that surpasses all understanding. When storms are raging around you, you can have peace in the midst of every storm. Weapons may form against you, but they will never prosper.

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