Life bombards YOU daily with drama, negativity, and doubt. We are social beings. Social media are great tools to, well, get social. However, most importantly, we need to utilize social media to strengthen and encourage one another daily.

I challenge YOU to rid your life and your social tools of negativity, gossip, and drama. Make it a point to uplift, challenge, and bless each and everyone of your friends and contacts. You will be rewarded an abundance of blessings by so doing.

Why pray if YOU refuse to believe or accept that YOUR prayer will have power or effect? Yet, when YOU pray, believe THAT which you seek or desire is already granted. YOUR prayer will either follow your BELIEF or your DOUBT.

May you extinguish doubt, drama, foolishness, and negativity from your life, your circle, your realm, and your environment. May your prayers be granted and The Lord answer your petitions. May YOU discover ultimate peace, harmony, and a life of God’s radiant light and truth. May YOUR purpose and passion collide with God’s blessed promises! Today, is YOUR day to SHINE!

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