Life and YOU!

A seed planted (in LOVE and TRUTH) and watered (NURTURED and FED) is a seed that will experience growth and development. A seed is the SOURCE and BEGINNING of anything; Sown in the HOPE of INCREASE or PROFIT! A seed reproduces and matures into descendants, heirs, and posterity. What are YOU sowing? YOU reap THAT which YOU sow!

Life isn’t difficult. YOUR decisions, choices, and indecisiveness makes chaotic, confused, and complicated. Although, life can be challenging, daunting, or taxing the experience makes it fruitful.

Organize and prioritize YOUR day to make it less cluttered. After all, TODAY is the FIRST day of the rest of YOUR life. A new day for a new creation to embark on a new beginning! YOU’RE a winner. Speak YOUR success. Let faith be the currency you expend to invest YOUR future!

What YOU believe will come to pass! God’s WORD declaratively STATES: “YOU were CREATED in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of God, therefore YOU have been given AUTHORITY to SUBDUE the Earth and granted DOMINION over EVERY living thing that moves on the Earth.

May the windows of God’s marvelous heaven open over YOUR realm and bless YOU with favor and abundance! The kingdom is WITHIN and at HAND…EXTEND IT to others! May God’s wonderful grace and never-ending mercy flood YOUR being. YOU are HIS and HIS love is COMPLETE!

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