Distorted, Polluted, disgusted

Are YOU distorted, polluted, and disgusted with the FORM YOU’VE taken for YOURSELF? Are the cockroaches of filth from the world creeping and crawling within the dark secret crevices of YOUR mind? Does addiction have YOU captive; to a person, an act, images, substances?

YOU don’t have to stay distorted and polluted. YOU can have those dark secret crevices cleaned. Addiction doesn’t have to dictate YOUR life! Don’t allow those images to disrupt YOUR thinking clearly. Stop allowing people to CONTROL your life. Renew you mind and allow it to be FREE from damaging and destructive thought processes. Surrender EVERY thought and make it captive to Jesus. Control YOUR mental activities else they will control YOU. Your behavior is mostly determined by your thought processes.

YOU must begin SPEAKING life into YOUR existence. Your mind can either be a prison cell or a CREATIVE workshop. Your actions need to begin following peaceful and pure thought processes. May your mind be free from illusions, your life be free from bondage, and your heart be free from foolish passion. May you experience the liberty of Jesus and HIS kingdom.

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