Foolish Passion!

YOU cannot relinquish what YOU are not willing to release. What are YOU clutching tightly within YOUR grasp? The object of YOUR love will kill YOU. Do YOU know the difference between love and infatuation? Love is fruitful purity, infatuation is foolish passion.

Love does not envy, is not jealous, does not boast, and is long-suffering. Foolish passion is a lustful, temporary, fleeting emotion. Love died for the sins of the world. Foolish passion is a shallow, sinful, and worldly experience that will lead you to a premature grave. Foolish passion ruins peoples lives, either making them prisoner or ending their life in death. How many homicides occur in the U.S. each year? Murder, adultery, and all forms of sexual immorality are the result of foolish passion.

Feed YOUR appetite FAITH; Faith in Jesus, HIS life, HIS work, God’s plan for YOUR life, fruitfulness, and everything good. Stop relishing in the pleasures of this world. Cease YOUR craving for chaos and drama. Stop feeding YOUR appetite for destruction. What YOU feed, GROWS! YOUR enthusiasm for evil deeds will direct YOU to a hellish existence.

A successful, satisfied life awaits YOU! YOU may choose a path which leads to destruction and death or YOU may choose a course that guides YOU to life and peace. Pledge YOUR allegiance to The Almighty God! YOUR loyalty to YOUR selfish, satanic pleasures will only leave YOU empty and insatiable.

YOU cannot serve two masters. Choose life. Choose peace. Choose Jesus. May God satiate YOU with the peace which passes all human understanding. May the God of abundant GRACE lead YOU beside calm waters. May YOUR divine purpose be fulfilled according to God’s perfect will.

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