God’s declarative plans for you!

God has DECLARATIVE plans for YOU; Health, Happiness, Good-fortune, well-being, and prosperity. The Lord has ORDERED your future. It will exist. If you’re not LIVING it now, it WILL come. Go ahead! Desire with great ANTICIPATION! That which you WANT, WILL happen. Expectation delivers!

Call upon HIM. Pray to HIM. HE will listen to YOU. When YOU search for HIM with YOUR whole heart, YOU will find HIM. What must YOU move out of the way to make that happen? Remember, HE desires ALL of YOU; Heart, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Body. Whatever YOU”RE “going through”, The Lord will RESTORE you!

YOU may have haunting memories of a painful past. YOU may experience loneliness as a result of a lost loved one. You may be tortured by addiction. You may be overwhelmed at the obstacles hindering opportunities. You may be confused by the chaotic voices of a violent world.

Jesus has come to GIVE you LIFE, abundantly. The devil cowardly creeps within your realm to destroy you. He has come to kill, steal, and destroy. Listen! With Jesus, you’re an overcomer. You are more than a conqueror. You are a NEW creation. You are never defined by YOUR past. Whatever destroying and negative label you have attached to your name or identity, make rid of it immediately. You are no longer bound to anything accursed. Jesus has come to set YOU free. Where the Spirit of The Lord is, there is LIBERTY!

May your chains be broken, your spirit be lifted, and the God of all comfort grace you abundantly, today!

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