YOU are NOT a vulture, YOU have VALUE!

YOU don’t have to live YOUR life like a vulture. Live YOUR life with added VALUE! Give value to others. Enhance the quality and condition of lives YOU encounter. Life is precious and valuable. Don’t waste the life YOU were created. A vulture feeds on dead flesh. YOU have access to The Bread of LIFE and LIVING water. Jesus came to give YOU abundant life…YOU don’t have to lack for anything. EVERYTHING is YOURS if YOU will only ask, seek, knock, believe, and claim. It is as simple as that. YOU are on the verge of YOUR breakthrough! YOU have a choice, choose wisely! The occasion is open for you to advance. May God grant YOU the ability to seize this long awaited opportunity. Nothing is impossible for the King of Kings! He is alive making intercession on YOUR behalf. Abundance is all yours. FAITH activates God’s hand and it pleases HIM.

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